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React Goalkeeping have put together a useful a football glove care guide to help customers get the best use of their React Goalkeeper Gloves and how to look after them in the correct way. Here are some simple steps to do that:

Preparation and Washing

We would strongly advice to pre-wash the football gloves as soon as they are received. This will help to wash out chemicals which have been used to treat the latex whilst the gloves were manufactured.

We strongly advice NOT to use other brand glove wash on React Goalkeeping gloves.

Plain water, not to warm is the best way to pre-wash. After use, clean gloves in clean plain, not to warm water, when all dirt has been removed rinse through. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. If you feel the need to use powder, please use a mild non biological powder, as strong ones may damage the grip.

Drying the Football Gloves

After the football gloves have been rinsed and they are free of excess water, put gloves in a room no warmer than room temperature.

Do not expose to direct sunlight. DO NOT put on a radiator. We would advice not to hang gloves on a washing line outside in sunny weather.

Wear and Tear of the Gloves

React Goalkeeping use very soft foam latex on their gloves. This is the same kind of foam top professional goalkeepers use and can deteriorate within the first use. This will not stop the goalkeeping gloves from offering the best grip possible until the latex has been completely worn through.

Surfaces and different balls can also affect the latex, so people playing indoor or on hard ground might experience faster deterioration than keepers playing on bowling green style pitches with new balls. Also try and avoid dragging the palms on the surface as this will cause scuffing to the latex.

Which Goalkeeping Gloves to use in Certain Conditions

React has compounded two types of grip which is outstanding in all types of conditions. The first is the PGT (Performance Grip Technology) which offers superb grip in all weather conditions. We advice goalkeepers looking for wet weather/winter gloves to use the Aquatex grip, outstanding in the wet, but also brilliant in the dry.

We hope this small but useful guide can help you to choose your React gloves and get the best possible use out of them.